Hailing from Nottingham, England the X-Rays played barely-in-control, beer soaked, manic noise. Debuting in 1994 supporting the Supersuckers, the next 3 years saw two albums released on Empty Records from Seattle, eleven singles, countless gigs, too much booze, carnage and incarceration.

Having toured the UK supporting the likes of the New Bomb Turks and Gas Huffer, Europe and the US of A, as part of an Empty Records package with the Motards and the Fumes, the X-Rays unceremoniously imploded during the summer of ‘97. A 2002 reunion of the original line-up saw one rehearsal culminate in a gig at the Highbury Garage with old touring partners the New Bomb Turks.

Fast Forward 10 years and the X-Rays are back, meaner, rawer and more pissed than ever.