Stacey McMullen

Forever upbeat and a bit of an actor too, Stacey is known for a smile as broad as his range of styles that include Flamenco, Irish folk, R’N’ B, Rap, Gypsy, Middle Eastern and Blues, bringing these together on a classical guitar. Mixing modern lyricism with nostalgic sounds, Stacey explores our common emotions and what it means to be human.

Not sticking to any particular musical style, Stacey utilises the classical guitar to powerful effect. Holding no punches and nailing his colours to the mast, his lyrics are raw and grounded aiming to unravel the disconnection of modern society, the things often overlooked by pretense and affectation, the political and social landscape of post-industrial living. Other songs simply explore our universal and deepest feelings as human beings, love and fear, loss and joy. Part time Stacey is an active Trade Unionist.

Stacey is a regular on the nottingham music circuit and is starting to branch further afield. Currently working on his first album, Stacey hopes to have releases later on this year.