94 Gunships

“This Nottingham collective have been wowing local gig goers for the past couple of years. Reference points include The Coral and Doves while the yin/yang opposites attraction dual vocalists Will Jeffrey and Rob Davidson create is worth the admission fee alone.”- Dom Gourlay Drowned in Sound

“94 GUNSHIPS were next up outside, and their set was funky, lighthearted, grizzly and heartfelt. The set was varied and intimate, whilst having some inspiring vibes bringing people to the front to dance. The drums are rhythmic and relentless which is pulse raising (especially with the dancing) and combined with the Tom Waits style vocals and great instrumental parts, it was a brilliant band to have at that point in the festival.” Nottingham Live

“The gruffest blues to fall this side of the Trent” – Wire and Wool

“Some of the coolest shantys and ditties to emerge from a Notts band for a while. Lovely stuff” Farmyard Records

“What a band, what a band, what a band, what a mighty good band! 94 Gunships have taken Nottingham by storm over the last 6 months and sweet Joni Mitchell what a storm it has been! Houses have been flooded and new holes have been created to be filled in again! 94 Gunships will fill that hole in your heart with music co-written by the bands two front men! An opportunity to see a great new band who will most likely boom over the next year or so. Lyrics so catchy you will become a lyric-knowing fan geek after one performance! Come and see 94 Gunships and I promise you will enjoy it.” Bradley Rice, Jam Cafe,

“we still don’t know why there’s 94 Gunships and not 11 or 45 but it doesn’t matter because they are so good that there’s never going to be enough raving about them from us. Honestly one of the best bands in Nottingham right now, every single person in the room seemed to know the words to Dig A Hole and had a right good foot stomp throughout the whole of the boys set; it basically sounds like whiskey tastes.” Kim Winter-Under The Tree promotions